Silver JP Necklace with Pearl

$110.00 CAD
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A lovely and contemporary take on the classic pearl pendant necklace. Pairs well with any outfit from casual to dressy.

+ Rhodium plated brass pendant
+ Features a round, white cultured pearl
+ Round ball shaped setting
+ Pendant easily slides off chain and pendant and chain can be mixed and matched with other pieces
+ Sterling silver box chain
+ Ships with free gift of a lovely Sarah Mulder Jewelry pink travel pouch

Also available in Gold with Pearl

Pendant width: 7mm at widest point of ball with pearl
Pendant length: 3/4 inch total length
Chain: 18 inch length

Associated with the moon, the Pearl symbolizes wisdom, purity, integrity and loyalty. It is said to attract luck and wealth and represents the most classic and traditional of all jewelry choices. 

Gifting Pearl
+ Traditional gemstone for 1st Anniversary
+ June birthdays (June also associated with Moonstone)
+ Lucky for all wearers, but an especially lovely gift for ruled-by-moon Cancer signs
+ Pearls are a classic and timeless gift that are perfect for marking special occasions, as well as for extending special wishes of protection and strength for the wearer

General Care
+ Avoid contact with skincare products or perfumes - allow these products to absorb into skin after application, prior to putting jewelry on
+ Remove jewelry before swimming or bathing
+ Avoid using solvents to clean plated metal as this may cause damage to the surface

+ The best way to avoid metal tarnishing is to prevent air circulation around it
+ Store in a closed jewelry box or case (or even a small sealed plastic bag)