Orders marked for in-store pickup at Pressland General are usually ready for pickup the same or next business day. Customers will be notified of order readiness via email, but are welcome to call the store phone during business hours at 604-820-2006, or email hello@presslandgeneral.ca to check on order status.

Please note some Locomotive Clothing & Supply items may be screen printed to order and could have a 2-3 business day turnaround, impacting the timing of the order as a whole. Please contact Pressland General with any timing inquiries.


Pressland General
33120 1st Ave
Mission BC 
V2V 1G4

Monday to Saturday, 10:00 - 5:00

** NOTE: If you absolutely cannot pick-up outside of these hours, please contact us - we are happy to try to make alternative arrangements.

** NOTE: Contactless pickup is available for customers who are not comfortable entering into the store and prefer to meet us outside. Please phone 604-820-2006 when you arrive at the store, and we will bring your package out to you. Thank you for your kind patience, if we are assisting other customers and cannot answer immediately, please try again in a minute. We will not be asking staff to walk down the street to your vehicle, so please ensure you are parked or standing in front of the store when you call.


If you are a Mission BC local and cannot physically come to Pressland General for pickup, are a front-line worker, have a chronic medical condition, or otherwise feel unsafe or unsure about the risks associated with shopping in a public store at this time, we support you and will do our best to delivery your order in a timely manner.

For orders over $50, please request delivery on the Note to Seller during checkout, and email hello@presslandgeneral.ca  to follow up if you have questions about delivery timing. 

For orders under $50, please email to request free local delivery prior to making your order, and include details of your order items and delivery address. Please note that delivery requests on orders under $50 are accepted in a case-by-case basis. We are always willing but depending on your location may need up to one to two weeks to deliver to you. We appreciate our customer's kind understanding of the added toll the COVID-19 epidemic has added to our workload as a small family run business, and encourage our delivery customers to plan ahead for their needs and make larger, infrequent orders if possible (but if you cannot do so financially and have a need for a certain product please do not hesitate to reach out to us - we will do our best!).

NOTE: while placing your order for delivery, please be sure to create a customer account including:

1. A cell phone number we can text regarding delivery
2. An accurate delivery address

NOTE: if you live rurally and are more than a 15 minute drive outside downtown Mission, we will assess your order and location and may suggest a mid-way meeting spot if possible. We kindly request that you consider our own time considerations when placing delivery orders. We reserve the right to deny any local deliveries.


I'd love to pick up my order ASAP. Is it possible that you can have it ready for me?  
There's a good chance! Depending on your purchase details, the store busyness, hours, and staffing, we may be able to pack it right away. Please call the store at (604) 820-2006 between 10:00-5:00 Monday to Saturday, and we will confirm if your order can be ready for same-day pickup.

I'm trying to select Local Pickup when I checkout, but it's not working. What's up, guys?
So sorry! Our system can be buggy at times when selecting the local pickup option. If choosing "Pick Up" on the Cart > Information page don't seem to be working, please use promo code PRESSLANDPICKUP to activate free shipping (this will let us know that you are planning local pickup or need local delivery). Please do not use this code if your order needs to be shipped.

The promo code for pickup doesn't seem to be working either and/or I have another promo code I'd like to use and your website won't accept both promo codes. What are my options?
If the Local Pickup button at checkout isn't working, and/or you have another promo code you'd rather use (our system only allows for one at at time. This is common but also can be a pain), please don't hesitate to email us at hello@presslandgeneral.ca with a list of your items, and we'll set up a custom order.

My order went through and I was charged for shipping!! I'm a local and wanted free local pickup and/or delivery. Can I get a shipping refund? 
Absolutely! If your order has gone through and you were charged erroneously for shipping, please let us know via email to hello@presslandgeneral.ca and we'll promptly refund your shipping fees.

Where is my order confirmation or pickup information? I think I should have received an email from you guys by now.
It is very likely that your order confirmation and pickup/delivery notices went straight to your spam folder. If you haven't heard from us after your order, they are probably in there! To ensure that you get your important order information, please add support@presslandgeneral.ca to your contacts list. If you check junk/spam and the notifications are still MIA, please email hello@presslandgeneral.ca to ensure that your order was properly processed and that we have your correct email address in our system.

Are you open on holidays for order pickup?
Holiday hours vary and it's best to consult our social media links below.


Locals, be sure to follow Pressland General on Instagram and Facebook for events and special promotions! As always we thank you for your kind support. We love this town.