Below is the information for the masks we are sewing during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The masks are made from two layers of thick, tightly woven cotton. They are fixed with an elastic that loops around the ears, and a wire at the nose bridge to help seal the mask to the face. There is a pocket so an additional filter of fabric or other materials can be inserted if desired. The masks are washable but we recommend hand washing, or washing on gentle, and hanging to dry. Wash in hot, soapy water after every use if possible. 

For the best chance at minimizing contamination, please take care when removing and putting on the mask, and store it safely where it is protected from contamination. These masks are intended to be worn by one person only, not shared.

This endeavour by Pressland is not for the purpose of profit. For every one mask we sell, we will donate one where we see need. The first three masks in production were donated to two Canada Post employees and a community outreach worker here in Mission, BC. We are currently producing more for front line workers and volunteers at local non-profit organizations, and will continue to produce as many as possible as long as there is need.


Extra Small (approximately children's size): 7” Wide x 4” Tall

Standard Adults (as worn in the photo above): 8” Wide x 5” Tall

Large Adults 9” Wide x 6” Tall

*Please note that masks are cut and sewn by hand and slight variation in size is possible. 

PRICES: ($15.00 each plus tax)

Adults mask total price is $16.80 each with taxes

Kids mask total price is $15.75 each with taxes


Payment is accepted via e-transfer only. Masks are final sale and there are no exchanges or refunds available. 


We will continue to deliver in the Mission/Matsqui area as long as it is safe and legal to do so. Drop offs are going to be quick and zero contact, and we ask you to send us precise and easy drop off instructions at the time of payment. In the case that we are unable to deliver, a local pick up spot will be arranged. We will gladly accept ideas or offers of a safe and easy to access local pickup spot, to lessen the burden of deliveries so we can focus on delivering to people who are housebound and need it most. Shipping is through Canada Post and we are currently shipping 1-2 times per week, to not overload an already burdened system.


We will not determine an official maximum order at this time, recognizing that there are folks who may be ordering for family members and neighbours as well as themselves. Please purchase only one mask per person at this time, and if your order is for more than three masks total, we would greatly appreciate if you included information about who the other masks are for. We thank you for understanding that this small screening step is necessary. 


Orders are available via email only, and payment is only accepted via e-transfer. To order, please reply to this email (, with the subject line: New Mask Order. Copy and paste the following template to in your order, and please fill out all pertinent information. We will email you back with an order total (including shipping fees if needed, as well as taxes), e-transfer instructions, and a timeline estimate.

Copy and Paste between the lines:


Name (first and last):

Total quantity of masks on order:

Mask 1 size required:

Mask 2 size required:

Mask 3 size required:

Do you require shipping? (outside of the Mission and Matsqui British Columbia area):

Delivery address requested:


Delivery instructions:


Shipping address if needed (include complete shipping address including name and postal code):


Cell Phone Number:


Please ask any questions or include information for mask requests for quantities over three below:



The masks are priced to include the cost of all materials as well as for labour. We hope to keep one of our employees in a job with this project, rather than having to lay them off with the rest of our workforce. If there is enough demand, we will engage the sewing efforts of others who have offered, both on a paid and volunteer basis. 

There is also a built-in buffer in our pricing, to compensate for any possible overages or unforeseen factors such as shipping of materials we may need to order if local supplies are unavailable, cost of fuel for deliveries, etc. Thank you for understanding that we at Pressland need to protect ourselves from unforeseen costs and ensure that they do not adversely affect our own financially vulnerable position at this difficult time.

Any discrepancies between the funds raised through sales, and the funds spent on materials, labour and other costs, will be put towards the donation of more masks where they are needed. We estimate that we can donate 1.5 masks for every one sold this way, but will hold off on making a final statement to this until we are in full production and able to better assess the costs. Donations of supplies, delivery driving, and fabric cutting are sincerely appreciated as long as we can maximize everyone's safety while keeping this project sustainable for the personal time we are donating to the administration and delivery.


Please note: we are making no medical claims for the use of these masks. We will choose to wear them ourselves in situations where we feel more comfortable wearing them, including possibly in the grocery store or pharmacy, or while ill or caring for those that may become ill. As far as we can tell there is some evidence that they can help with partial protection from virus transmission. But there are also governing bodies that state that there is no protection and that masks can in fact create a false sense of security. 

With your purchase, you are acknowledging that Pressland Printing Inc (operating as Pressland General and Locomotive Clothing & Supply) is not responsible in any way for any outcome, health or otherwise. These are homemade and home sewn cotton masks that we are selling and donating at zero profit, for the purpose of comfort only. 

We appreciate our customer's understanding that this is an extremely new project and as such it will adapt and change as needs arise.

Stay safe, and please check in on your vulnerable neighbours,

With love, 

Jay and Aaron