Baking with Fortitude

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Baking with Fortitude
By Dee Rettali

A one-of-a-kind, handsomely-designed four-colour guide to artisan baking, featuring modern approaches to old-fashioned methods.

Some of Dee Rettali's recipes require patience and care, others can be made instantly-but all are love letters to the craft of baking. Dee walks us through how to bake with the fruits, spices, and herbs we have around us, loading our bakes with natural flavour and sparing ourselves piles of sugar and artificial flavours. Then, sharing two exciting new techniques that form the essence of craft baking, Dee teaches readers how to bake with a starter and, secondly, to ferment the batter itself. There's no extra effort involved-just time-as you watch the cake rise and develop a rich, deeply complex flavour and texture similar to sourdough bread. Whether you eat it like a traditional cake or slice it up and eat it like bread, these cakes will be delicious longer than any cake you've ever made.

Featuring cakes like Chocolate and Chili Sugar Olive Oil, Rhubarb and Lemon, Moroccan Honey with Cinnamon, and Walnut Butter Cake with Honey, these 90 recipes are sure to delight and surprise. Mouthwatering and unique, Baking with Fortitude is every baker's newest obsession.

Baking with Fortitude, 2021

Hardcover , Dust jacket
9.92 x 7.25 x 0.9 in
192 pages
Full colour photography throughout

Bloomsbury Publishing
COOKING / Methods / Baking