$21.00 CAD

A collection of nectar and pollen flowers for honey bees, native bees, bumble bees, and other pollinators. 

Included in collection:
+ Planting instructions
+ Health Benefits of honey
+ Bee Lore
+ Recipe for Honey Sweetened Carrot Cake
+ Seeds! A blend of low-maintenance perennials and reseeding annual wildflowers including: Chinese Forget-Me-Not, California Poppy, Baby Blue-Eyes, Purple Coneflower, Blue Flax, Corn Poppy, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Siberian Wallflower, Annual Gaillardia, China Aster, Globe Gilia, Tidy Tips, White Rockcress, Plains Coreopsis, Sweet Alyssum, New England Aster, Symphyotrichum novae-angliae, Aspen Daisy, Bergamot, Lavender Hyssop, and Forget-Me-Not

Note: all Strathcona 1890 seeds are non-GMO

At this time, the Bee Garden Seed Collection is not eligible for shipping outside of Canada.