Beets + Tequila Sriracha

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Beets + Tequila! On the medium side of spicy, but big on flavour. 

Sriracha Revolver makes premium, small-batch hot sauce combining the exciting flavours of Mexico and Thailand. 

Luxurious and full bodied. The garlic and heat mix with whisky-like caramel notes creating incredible depth of flavour. Use anywhere you would use BBQ sauce, like with steak or wings. This pairs with rich ingredients like avocado, poached eggs, roasted vegetables, white pizza, charcuterie.

+ small batch made
+ vegan
+ no colours added
+ no preservatives
+ all natural

To use: Shake well and refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: Vinegar, beets, garlic, red pepper, organic cane sugar, 100% blue agave tequila, chili, sea salt, arrowroot powder.

130 ml Glass Bottle