$38.00 CAD

The charcoal and tea tree based Billie Hair Bars are great for darker, thicker hair types and those that use heavier products on a regular basis.

+ Set of two long lasting hair bars includes both shampoo and conditioner.
+ Zero waste alternative to shampoo and conditioner in plastic packaging.
+ Deeply cleansing charcoal and tea tree help to keep the scalp clean and follicles properly restored after each wash.
+ Great post-workout option to help ward off breakouts along the hairline.

Scent: Lavender, Tea Tree, Fir, Lime

Type: thick or oily hair, those with thicker hair that are heavy product users (heavy product users with thinner hair types, check out the Parker Hair Bars).

Shampoo: 50 grams
Conditioner: 35 grams