$38.00 CAD

Citrus oils like Lemongrass and Litsea are wonderful for curly hair and hair types that require build-up removal for lighter bounce.

+ Set of two long lasting hair bars includes both shampoo and conditioner. 
+ Zero waste alternative to shampoo and conditioner in plastic packaging. 
+ Lemongrass and ginger work to help lift dandruff from the scalp and promote healthier regrowth.
+ Perfect for blonde and/or treated hair as it helps to keep hair lightened and more susceptible to natural high-lighting via the sun. 
+ Citrus oils promote shiny hair and frizz-control.

Scent: Lemongrass, Ginger, Litsea Cubeba

Hair type: Curly, Frizz-Control, Dry, Dyed

Shampoo: 50 grams
Conditioner: 35 grams