$24.00 CAD

Fortified with powerful botanicals, Daily Strength Conditioner conditions the scalp and hair, resulting in a deep, healthy lustre and shine. Naturally derived botanical actives like Silk Amino Acids and a plant-based "silicone" leave hair extremely soft and manageable.


+ Formulated for all hair types.

+ Aloe and Green Tea Extract nourishes and hydrates the scalp, minimizing itch, dandruff and other discomfort.

+ Oat Proteins help to create a breathable barrier on the hair to retain moisture and reduce breakage.

+ Green Tea Extract helps to regulate oil production on the scalp to help reduce oiliness or dryness.

+ An Olive Oil derived "silicone" closely mimics the feel and appearance of other luxury haircare products, without the synthetic build-up of other silicone products.

+ Rosemary helps to promote strong, healthy hair and circulation in the scalp, which can increase elasticity and shine in hair.

Volume: 8oz / 236ml