Ember Island Postcard Dark Chocolate Bar

$11.00 CAD
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A postcard chocolate bar that is perfect for gifting and can be sent directly in the mail. Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging, ready to ship or to slip into your bag for snack time.

People who have sworn they don't like chili chocolate love this bar. With added cinnamon and paprika, this flavour combination is perfect with this delicious dark chocolate.

  • 60.1% Cocoa
  • Gluten-free friendly
  • Vegan
  • Made in Canada

Send a Postcard Chocolate Bar to your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, best friend, co-worker, frienemy, and whoever else you can think of, whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or just a way to say "Hey, I'm thinking of you, boo!"

Net weight: 85g / 3oz