$17.00 CAD

Virtually indestructible.

The Expedition three pack pocket sized waterproof memo books are perfect to bring along on any adventure with 48 pages of dot-graph paper.

+ Waterproof/tear-proof cover Yupo Synthetic 74#C, with thick, brute force applications of “Hi-Visibility Orange” and “Low-Visibility Black” soy-based Saphira inks and a tinted spot varnish
+ Waterproof/tear-proof innards Yupo Synthetic 57#T with a 1-color application of “Cartographer’s Gray” soy-based Saphira ink
Futura typeface
+ Printed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

+ Corners rounded to 3/8" 
Dot-graph grid: 3/16"(W) × 3/16"(H)
+ Size: 3-1/2"(W) × 5-1/2"(H) 

Note: Synthetic paper works best with ballpoint pens, pencils, or fine-tip sharpies