$74.00 CAD

The Spark Necklace is the perfect showcase for gorgeous Labradorite. Casual enough for everyday use, but perfectly edgy when layered with other necklaces.

+ 14k gold plated faceted stone
+ 14k gold-fill chain
+ Nickel free
+ Labradorite
+ Ships with free gift of a lovely Sarah Mulder Jewelry pink travel pouch

Also available in Gold with Moonstone

Pendant: 1 inch length
Chain: 16 inch length

Reminiscent of the blue green Northern Lights, this remarkable stone is from the Feldspar family and is treasured for its remarkable play of color, known as labradorescence. Considered the stone of Transformation, beautiful Labradorite is said to enhance artistic ambition and mental clarity, be a grounding force, and stimulate physical healing while soothing pain and tension.

Gifting Labradorite
+ Not a traditional birthstone, Labradorite is said by some to be the Natural birthstone of February and March
+ Gift to Libras, Cancers, and Leos
+ Labradorite is the perfect gift for a person undergoing personal transformation or who may connect with the stone’s reputation as a promoter of positive energy and physical healing.

General Care
+ Avoid contact with skincare products or perfumes - allow these products to absorb into skin after application, prior to putting jewelry on
+ Remove jewelry before swimming or bathing
+ Avoid using solvents to clean plated metal as this may cause damage to the surface

+ The best way to avoid metal tarnishing is to prevent air circulation around it
+ Store in a closed jewelry box or case (or even a small sealed plastic bag)