$22.00 CAD

A beautiful precious stone tool for facial, neck, and shoulder massage. 

+ Helps skin to absorb of skincare products
+ Reducing puffiness
+ Increases circulation
+ Use as part of your skincare routine for brighter, tighter, more radiant skin

Available in Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine. 

Warning: this precious stone is extremely fragile and can easily break when dropped or hit against a hard surface.


Always work in an upward motion, except when sweeping down in the lymph node area on the neck to flush toxins. 

Keeping stone flat against skin, start at the top of the face and work your way down while sweeping in an upward motion, going over each area 3-5 times. Test to see which end of the tool fits best on each section of your skin.  For example, the heart shaped end works great on the jaw line and cheekbones.  The flat side is good for the forehead and under eye area.