I've F*cking Got This Sticky Notes

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Unleash your inner bad*ss and believe in your d*mn self with 101 positive affirmation sticky notes!

Own your f*cking power and pass it on! Self-adhesive and removable, these shareable sweary messages are supercharged with fierce affirmations and motivational mantras to help you strengthen your self-esteem, get rid of any sh*t preventing you from being your best, and take on whatever life throws at you.

Packed with endless encouragement, bad*assery, and bright, full-color designs, these 101 hilariously profane notes can instantly empower anyone's day. Peel off the easy-to-use notes one at a time and post anywhere you or a friend will see them: mirror, door, TV, car window, or desk. Declare and share your magnificence because you've f*cking got this!

Paperback | 4.56 x 5.13
208 pages

SELF-HELP / Affirmations