Japan's Treasure Tea

$12.00 CAD
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This green tea is a made from five prized Japanese teas; Kukicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Sencha and Bancha, blended for perfect balance along with flavours from strawberries and red currants. 

100% Natural/Organic Tea, herbs, spices
+ Loose Leaf Blend
+ Gluten Free/GMO Free/Vegan
+ Green tea (has some caffeine)
+ Handcrafted in Mission, BC Canada

Size: 50 g tin (25 cups of tea per tin)

Brew the Perfect Cup: Bring water to a *pre-boil; add 1tsp/cup or 1 tbsp/pot. Steep for 1-2 min and enjoy. If you like your tea stronger, steep with more tea and not more time. Tea will become bitter if over steeped.
*Pre-boil is just before a boil. If the water has come to a boil, let cool about 3 minutes to bring it down to the correct temperature before steeping.

Iced: Steep with double the amount of tea, 2tsp/cup or 2 Tbsp/pot. Cool, serve over ice and enjoy. You may also try a “cold brew” method by adding the tea to cold water and steeping it for 2-4 hours in the fridge.