Moments of Happiness

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Moments of Happiness
By (author): Niels Hav Translated by: Per Brask Translated by: Patrick Friesen

"There are no words for it," the final line states in the poem, "If You're Lucky." There are no words for it, for the silence? Yet, it speaks. There are no words for the depth of experience, yet many words are used to suggest what it might be, what moments of happiness, sadness, loss and love - the important things - feel like in lives destined for demise. Whether in longer poems or the briefest, Hav invites a reader to consider along with him the feeling of existence, its inevitable joy, sorrow, noise, silence, not in binary terms but as mixtures. We took up his invitation as translators and now invite you to join us and him to enter the space he has created to ponder the important things.

Moments of Happiness
48 pages

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