Earl Grey Classic Black Tea

$12.00 CAD
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A tea for the Earl Grey purist! A beautiful cold pressed Mediterranean bergamot oil that is fresh and lively with teas from Assam and Sri Lanka for a smooth, well rounded cup.

+ Loose leaf, black tee blend (caffeinated)
+ Made with only 100% natural and organic tea, herbs and spices
+ Makes approximately 25 cups
+ Gluten free / GMO free/ vegan

+ Handcrafted in Mission, BC

Size: 55 g tin 

The Perfect Cup: Bring water to a full boil, add 1 tsp/cup or 1 tbsp/pot to infuser. Steep for 2-4 minutes and enjoy. If you like your tea stronger, steep with more tea and not more time. Tea will become bitter if over steeped.

Iced: Steep with double the amount of tea, 2tsp/cup or 2 Tbsp/pot. Cool, serve over ice and enjoy! You may also try a “cold brew” method by adding the tea to cold water and steeping it for 2-4 hours in the fridge.