Vanilla Patchouli Organic Soap with Botanicals

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Earthy patchouli is balanced by comforting vanilla in this luscious bar. Topped with lovely dried botanicals, these artisanal soaps make wonderful gifts.

+ Locally produced
+ Small batch
+ Artisanal
+ Vegan
+ 100% Organic
+ Organic essential oils

Incredible, small batch bar soap from Jack and Audrey's Organics. Deliciously scented and gentle on skin.

Jack and Audrey's Organics bar soaps vary in formulation, but base recipes use fair trade organic shea butter, fair trade organic cocoa butter, avocado oil and/or olive oil. All bars are vegan and gluten free (not certified gluten-free) except items with honey or oats in the title.

All Jack & Audrey's Organics products are 100% organic and  are free of palm oil, soy, and nuts. See listing photo for ingredients.

Bar: 120 grams