Plant Tonic

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Plant Tonic natural fertilizer is made from the fast-growing tips of Giant Pacific Kelp from the cold, pristine and secluded waters of coastal British Columbia.

This giant kelp is the fastest growing plant known, growing up to 3 feet per day. Harvesting takes place in late spring and again in early fall, to protect indigenous species. Only the actively growing portion of the plant - the top 2 to 4 metres - is harvested. 

+ Completely safe for the water tables
+ Non-burning to leaves, roots, and stems
+ Natural and organic
+ No animal or fish odours
+ 100% environmentally friendly
+ Ideal for shrubs, bedding plants, trees and hanging baskets
+ Unlimited shelf life
+ Use all year round indoors
+ Safe for you, family and pets
+ Completely biodegradable
+ Superior for hydroponics
+ Safe for fish (water ponds)
+ Leaves no residue on your plants
+ Spray safely on all indoor / outdoor plants, lawns
+ Absolutely no contamination of edible crops

+ Improves crop quality and yield
+ Wonderful for both indoor and outdoor plants
• Especially loved by vegetables, herbs, fruits, and wheatgrass

+ Mix with water as per instructions on bottle
• Easily applied by watering can, spray and drip watering systems
+ Spray in compost bin to accelerate process

Volume: 100mL glass bottle
+ One bottle makes 20 litres of fertilizer