Gold Point Necklace | Rose Quartz

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A striking crystal strung through a slim heavily-plated 18kt gold chain, creating a daily space for self-care and wellness no matter what is on your plate. Rose Quartz amplifies the essence of love and opens the heart on all levels.

Use to nurture friendships, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. A statement making piece to wear alone, or layer up two or three for a unique and mindful look!

+ Beautiful, genuine Smoky Quartz
+ 18k gold extra heavy plated chain
+ Nickel and lead-free

Made in USA 

Smoky Quartz, 18k gold extra heavy plated chain with brass base and tarnish-free coating
1.5mm Snake Chain, 18" chain + 2" extender
Pendant approx. 35mm length, 15mm width - as with natural stones, each will vary in colour and size.

Because everyone has a different chemical balance within their body, which will affect how various metals wear on your skin, JaxKelly recommends the following jewelry care guide:

+ Water promotes oxidation so remove your jewelry before you swim, shower, participate in sweat-inducing workouts, or any activity in which water would come in contact with your jewelry.

+ Be gentle with your jewels—direct contact with chemicals in hairspray, perfume and cosmetics is not recommended.  Harsh jewelry cleansers or cloths with abrasive compounds can cause damage.  It's recommended to use a polishing cloth to gently remove any oils or tarnish.

** Note: Description provided about crystals is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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