$72.00 CAD

The Remedy Earring is light-weight, sleek and has the perfect detailing to complete any look. Featuring two tiny claw set pale pink Rose Quartz stones. The 25mm hoop moves freely on the earring.

+ Rhodium plated brass
+ Sterling silver ear posts
+ Claw set Rose Quartz stones
+ Nickel free
+ Ships with free gift of a lovely Sarah Mulder Jewelry pink travel pouch

Hoop: 25mm
Top of earring to the bottom curve (before the earring curves): approx 10mm
Opening at bottom where earlobe sits: 4mm
Length from top of earring to bottom of hoop: approx. 1.5 inches

Also available in Gold with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz symbolizes love, respect, trust, connection and worth. This gentle, pale pink stone represents self-love and self-compassion, and is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Gifting Rose Quartz
+ Traditional gemstone for 2nd Anniversary
+ January birthdays (Rose Quartz being the complimentary stone after Garnet)
+ Rose Quartz is said to promote compassion and provide healing energy to our Taurus friends
+ Rose Quartz is the perfect gemstone for a loved one or for a person who wants to attract love into their lives

General Care
+ Avoid contact with skincare products or perfumes - allow these products to absorb into skin after application, prior to putting jewelry on
+ Remove jewelry before swimming or bathing
+ Avoid using solvents to clean plated metal as this may cause damage to the surface

+ The best way to avoid metal tarnishing is to prevent air circulation around it
+ Store in a closed jewelry box or case, or the pink travel pouch that accompanies this purchase (even a small sealed plastic bag would do the job)