Stella Necklace | Gold with Rose Quartz

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Wanting to design pieces that layer beautifully together in unexpected combinations, Sarah drew the Stella Pendant which layers beautifully with long necklaces and 20” necklaces (like the Franz or Fuerté) The perfect weight with 3 tiny faceted gems in claw settings give the pendant a lovely sparkle.

+ 24k gold plated over Italian Brass base
+ For longevity, 2 microns of 24k gold are plated over a thin layer of rhodium
+ 24k gold-fill chain
+ Three faceted Rose Quartz gems in a claw setting
+ Stones are hand-cut by artisans and are conflict free
+ Completely nickel free
+ Ships with free gift of a lovely Sarah Mulder Jewelry travel pouch

Pendant length: just over 1”
Chain length: 18"

Rose Quartz symbolizes love, respect, trust, connection and worth. This gentle, pale pink stone represents self-love and self-compassion, and is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Gifting Rose Quartz
+ Traditional gemstone for 2nd Anniversary
+ January birthdays (Rose Quartz being the complimentary stone after Garnet)
+ Rose Quartz is said to promote compassion and provide healing energy to our Taurus friends
+ Rose Quartz is the perfect gemstone for a loved one or for a person who wants to attract love into their lives

Rhodium is a very rare and precious metal used for jewelry, and comes from the same group of metals as platinum. Rhodium plated means jewelry made from a base metal of gold, silver, or other alloy that is coated in a thin layer of rhodium for extra strength and lustre.

Sarah Mulder Jewelry’s Gold collection uses a 2 micron thick layer 24k gold over a thin layer of Rhodium, with an Italian Brass Base, because Rhodium bonds wonderfully to brass and creates an incredibly high quality piece of fashion jewelry. Jewelry plated in rhodium is shinier and more durable than other metals.

Sarah Mulder Jewelry is imagined, designed and finished in Vancouver, Canada by painter and jewelry designer Sarah Mulder. Her designs are made from carved wax and set in molds. These beautiful pieces are plated in either 24k gold, or rhodium over brass and are paired with hand-cut semi-precious stones. Sarah works exclusively with family owned and operated small businesses to create beautifully finished pieces.

General Care
+ Avoid contact with skincare products or perfumes - allow these products to absorb into skin after application, prior to putting jewelry on
+ Remove jewelry before swimming or bathing
+ Avoid using solvents to clean plated metal as this may cause damage to the surface

+ The best way to avoid metal tarnishing is to prevent air circulation around it
+ Store in a closed jewelry box or case, or the travel pouch that accompanies this purchase (even a small sealed plastic bag would do the job).