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The Fox and the Forest Fire
By (author): Danny Popovici

A story of hope and friendship, in which resilience trumps tragedy in the wake of a forest fire.

After moving from the city, one boy discovers his new home in the woods isn't so bad—there is friendship in the midst of the forest. But when he spots a fire on the horizon that soon engulfs everything he's come to know—the bugs, the plants, the fox who keeps him company—he is forced to flee. When his newfound comfort goes up in smoke, how can he ever feel at home again?

In a forest fire, so much can change in an instant. But both fox and boy learn that there are some things fire cannot burn. With time, the forest will regrow, the animals will return to their home, and so will the boy and his mom.

As we all search for tools for understanding the destruction of forest fires, this touching story shows that hope, friendship, and resilience shine the brightest. As fire season lengthens year after year, and sets new records year after year, these are themes communities are engaging with daily during fire season.

The author-illustrator was a volunteer firefighter, giving him a unique perspective on the topic of forest fires. This moving story ends with rebuilding—both for humans and for nature—and with a truly uplifting message of resilience.

A wonderful resource for families and communities experiencing the aftermath of a fire or other natural disasters, as well as anyone looking to empathize with, and better understand, those communities in need.

The Fox and the Forest Fire
Interest age, years 5 - 8
Cover: Jacketed Hardcover
Pages: 44

JUVENILE FICTION / Science & Nature / Disasters