Bonsai Citrus | Mustache Wax

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Peregrine Supply Mustache Wax is meant to keep your glorious 'stache in place. Packed with skin and hair friendly ingredients, such as lanolin, jojoba oil and hempseed oil, 'stache wax will keep your nose neighbour happy and looking awesome.

Bonsai Citrus: bright and fruity tones of grapefruit, ginger and bergamot and supported by a strong base of sandalwood and amber, leading to a soft, sophisticated blend.

+ In a convenient little tube for easy application and portability
+ Not tested on animals
+ No synthetic dyes or oils, and no fillers

100% synthetic-free
+ Naturally scented with essential oils

Made in Canada

To use simply open the cap and apply the wax directly to your Mustache. Next work the wax through with your fingers until your 'stache is styled as desired.

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