Hot Sauce | Cranberry 7 Pot

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This recipe was developed to showcase a rare crop of "Chocolate 7-Pot" peppers, grown on a small farm in Saanich BC. Originally from Trinidad, this spicy little firecracker was named after its ability to flavour seven pots of stew.

While the Scoville count might be outrageous, fear not: the heat of the peppers is tempered by a tart cranberry base that compliments their fruitiness. The sauce is rounded out with local Habaneros grown by the KPU Farm School, along with a touch of Thai Basil.

** This is a super limited edition brand new sauce from Sriracha Revolver - Cranberry 7 Pot is SR's hottest sauce yet. We've received just a few bottles and aren't likely to score more anytime soon. Get em' while you can. ** 

Pretty Hot! The Chocolate 7-Pot peppers are 1,853,986 Scovilles

+ Small batch made
+ Vegan
+ No colours added
+ No preservatives
+ All natural

Made in Canada

130 ml Glass Bottle

To Use
Shake well and refrigerate after opening

Cranberries, garlic, vinegar, organic orange habanero peppers, lime juice, Thai basil, organic cane sugar, sea salt, organic chocolate 7-pot peppers

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