Eucalyptus Bunch

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A fragrant and soul-soothing bunch of eucalyptus, ready to add some gorgeous greenery and a beautiful natural fragrance to your space.

Our bunches are composed of a changing variety of eucalyptus types and may be a mix of seeded, silver dollar, gumdrop, true blue eucalyptus and more. Depending on what's the best available that week, the bunch may be made up of one type only.

Seasonally available in fresh and dried bunches.

Eucalyptus Shower (Forest Spa, yes please): hang a fresh bunch in your shower, out of the water stream but close to the shower head for maximum contact with steam. Let the steam release the beneficial eucalyptus oils into the air. Replace the bunch in a month or so.

Vase Arrangement: Lovely in any room. Fresh eucalyptus will last a week or more with proper care. Dried will last for ages.

Dry: When your fresh eucalyptus bunch has peaked, it can be arranged in a dry vase and simply left - it'll keep the shape that it was arranged into. Can also be dried upside down in bunches or individually - this is a great way to ensure straighter dried stems if that's your preference.

DIY: shape into wreaths, add to fresh or dried florals for a stunning bouquet, use as a photo prop, clip off leaves for a rustic tablescape, and more.

For longest lasting fresh eucalyptus:
+ Use a clean container
+ Make sure there are no leaves under the waterline
+ Trim ends every couple of days
+ Change the water daily
+ Continue to trim off bits that aren't looking so great

Dried bunches are very fragile and won't stand up to much contact or manipulation. It's best to handle it as little as possible.

** Please note that this listing is available for local pickup only. We do not ship greenery and will cancel shipping orders that include dried or fresh botanicals. if you have ordered a eucalyptus bunch for local pickup, we will contact you shortly via email to let you know the order is ready. We also invite you to call the store at 604-820-2006 if you have any questions or order follow up **