Só Clean Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

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Lavender All Purpose Cleaner naturally fights grease, dirt and grime on all of your home’s hard surfaces while gently scenting the air with lavender.

+ Biodegradable
+ Septic tank and grey water safe
+ Plant-based
+ No harsh chemicals
+ Can be used on sinks, appliances, counters, floors, walls, bathtubs, toilets and more to make cleaning a breeze


Calming and soothing floral aroma with natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties



Directions: Turn the nozzle to spray soiled surfaces before wiping them clean. For heavily soiled surfaces, allow to sit for 30 seconds before wiping clean. Rinsing required when used on food contact surfaces. On painted surfaces, be sure to spot test a small area first.

Spray Bottle: 710 ml / 24 oz
Refill Jug: 1.89 L

Ingredients: Aqua, Denatured Alcohol, Laureth-7 (cleaning agent) , Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Lavandula Hybrida Grosso Herb Oil, Benzisothiazolinone (antimicrobial preservative)

Só Luxury products are made in Canada with plant-based ingredients that are safe to use for you, your loved ones, and Mother Earth.