Microgreens Seed Pack

$8.00 CAD
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A custom blend of microgreen seeds delightfully packaged in a glassine envelope with an artfully illustrated label. This is a lovely little seed pack that's perfect for adding to a gift.

This mix of delicious microgreens contains radishes, mustards, cress, mizuna, cabbage, kale, and kohlrabi and can be used like sprouts as a salad addition, garnish, or salad topping. 

+ Non-GMO
+ Open pollinated
+ Not treated with chemicals
+ Heirloom varietals


Lightly spread seeds out on top of 4-5 cm of wet seed starter soil (like thick mud), sprinkle more soil lightly over the seeds and use your hand to pat down the soil a bit. Keep in a warm spot near a window or under a grow light. Maintain even moisture with a mister so soil won't dry out. Harvest just as seedlings get the first true leaves (second set of leaves).


Ordering from outside Canada?
At this time, seeds are not eligible for shipping outside of Canada. Please do not include any plant seeds in orders that are to be shipped to the USA and abroad.