Só Home Natural Sisal Bamboo Brush

$10.00 CAD
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Só Home Natural Sisal Bamboo Brush has sturdy bristles to scrub at even the toughest stuck on food.

+ Biodegradable
+ 100% natural
+ Plastic free
+ Earth friendly


One of the fastest growing plants on the planet; naturally antibacterial

A durable natural plant fibre


Directions: Always test first on new surfaces. Do not allow bamboo to soak in water. Allow to dry between uses. If scrub head is not drying between uses, dip in Só Clean All Purpose Cleaner or vinegar to help kill any bacteria. Once worn out Só Home - Natural Sisal Bamboo Brush may be composted!

Fantastic to use with the Só Clean Lemon Square Multipurpose Bar, Lavender All Purpose Cleaner, and Tangerine Dish Soap.

Só Luxury products are made in Canada with plant-based ingredients that are safe to use for you, your loved ones, and Mother Earth.