Rose Quartz Facial Roller

$38.00 CAD
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Step up your skincare routine by incorporating a rose quartz crystal roller. This chic beauty tool delivers a gentle facial massage, helps to contour the face and smooth fine lines, and assist in the absorption of serums and creams.

USE: For best results, keep roller tool in the fridge. Rose Quartz is naturally cold, and storing in the fridge will enhance the cooling benefits. After applying serums, roll in an upward, gentle motion. Go over each area three times using the large roller, then switch to the small roller for under eye area. The roller can also help minimize blemishes when used to gently roll over the affected area. Can be used both AM and PM as part of a soothing self-care routine.

To clean your roller, wipe with a damp cloth.  Do not submerge the roller in water.

Rose quartz symbolizes love, respect, trust, connection and worth. It's also the perfect gift for a Taurus (April 20th to May 20th birthdays). 

Warning: this precious stone is fragile and can easily break when dropped or hit against a hard surface.