Seed Wheel

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Seed Wheel
by Kathryn Hunt

Seed Wheel is a lyric grown from the taut, ardent beauty of simple speech that seeks a way through the broken places in the ground of our imagination. The past and the present abide in these poems, as intimate as breath: migrations and altars, silence and wonderment, miseries and mysteries, and the stubborn cargo of our collective and personal histories. Here is the testimony of ancestors and of the land itself; moments outside of time in which the living and the dead dwell in common, listening to the blow of northern wind. In a world drenched in harm and limbic quarrel, these poems testify to the power of language to reach across imposing and imposed boundaries, enter the public square, and sing.

Paperback | 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.3 in
86 pages

Lost Horse Press
POETRY / American / General