Só Home Bamboo Sóap Shelf

$9.00 CAD
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Só Home Bamboo Sóap Shelf is the perfect partner to hold your favourite Só Sóap or Só Clean Lemon Square!

+ Biodegradable
+ 100% natural
+ Plastic free
+ Earth friendly


One of the fastest growing plants on the planet; naturally antibacterial


Directions: Keep out of standing water, allow for drainage. Lifespan will depend on care. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and Só Home Bamboo Sóap Shelf may be composted at the end of it's life.

Fantastic to use with the Só Clean Lemon Square Multipurpose Bar, Só Home Natural Bamboo Sisal Brush, and Só Lux Cleansing Bars (Charcoal, Honey Oat, and Lather).

Só Luxury products are made in Canada with plant-based ingredients that are safe to use for you, your loved ones, and Mother Earth.