Tea Tree & Lavender | Shave Box Care Package

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New and improved, the Shave Box contains everything you need to get a close, comfortable shave, every time, and also makes the perfect men's gift for any celebration.

This powerhouse of natural grooming products contains full sized:
+ Pre-Shave Oil 30 ml glass bottle
+ Tea Tree & Lavender Shaving Cream 4oz. tub
+ Tea Tree & Lavender Aftershave Tonic 50 ml pump bottle

Made in Canada

Pre-Shave Oil is the best thing to ensure a close, comfortable shave - even before you touch your razor. Use with a hot towel or right after a hot shower for best results.

Simply apply a dime sized amount to your face a few minutes before shaving, Works best with Peregrine's rich and luxurious shave soaps and creams.

Formulated to easily lather right in the container, with either a brush, or just your hands! Peregrine Supply's Tea Tree & Lavender Shaving Cream offers an exceptionally close and smooth shave, every time.

Shave Brush - thoroughly wet your brush and begin lathering the soap in the container. Add more water, a few drops at a time, until desired lather is reached. Apply lather to face and shave normally. 

With Hands - scoop a small amount of soap with your fingers and rub between your palms to lather, adding more water as needed. Apply to your face in a circular motion to promote lathering, and shave as normal.


Peregrine Supply Aftershave Tonic is the perfect middle ground between a traditional alcohol splash and a facial moisturizer. Powerful ingredients like aloe and jojoba oil work to hydrate, while witch hazel tones and firms. The tonics also contain a powerful blend of nutrients and antioxidants, which can fight the signs of aging and promote healing.

After shaving, lightly pat your face to dry. Apply one or two pumps after shaving to fight irritation and inflammation, and to keep skin moisturized and toned.

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